21 Years of Amazon Reader Reviews: What’s Changed in the Book World and How?

Reports of the book’s death have been greatly exaggerated. But over the past twenty-five years, digital media platforms have undeniably transformed book culture and none more so than the original online book retailer, Amazon.com. Since Amazon introduced its reader reviews in 1997, the whole way in which books are created, marketed, publicised, sold, showcased, consumed, and commented upon has changed dramatically. Did Amazon initiate long overdue democratising of literary reviewing culture, or atomise cultural authority into today’s blizzard of star-ratings, ‘liking’, following and tweeting?

Join a live and lively conversation with digital reading experts located across continents who will chart this shifting ground, closing with a virtual book launch for Simone Murray’s new book The Digital Literary Sphere: Reading, Writing, and Selling Books in the Internet Era.