Poem Phone

How often do you pick up the phone these days? As we’ve moved back to predominantly text-based forms of communication, phone calls spent on hold to customer service, telemarketing or seemingly interminable robo-calls are de rigeur. Riffing on John Giorno’s iconic 1969 artwork, this is a Dial-a-Poem for the internet age.

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Press 1 to hear Claire Albrecht read ‘birdsong’ from her collection Pinky Swear

Press 2 to hear Alex Creece read ‘No Fat Chicks’

Press 3 to hear Norman Erikson Pasaribu read ‘Call Me by Your Name, Which Is Irresponsible and Not Meteoric’ previously published in Cordite: Difficult

Press 4 to hear Zenobia Frost read ‘Conversations at the Mojave Desert Phone Booth’

Press 5 to hear Harry Josephine Giles read ‘thing prayer’

Press 6 to hear Leyla Josephine read ‘Tell Me About Your Vagina’

Press 7 to hear Karen Rigby read ‘Postcard from the Great Pacific’

Press 8 to hear Nhã Thuyên read ‘Where are the wings flapping from’ with English translation by Kaitlin Rees

Press 9 to hear Rae White read ‘Dirty Talk’ from their collection Milk Teeth