Imagine: a seashell cupped close to your ear murmurs softly, begging you to speak.

Resonance is both the listening ear and the whispering shell. A pregnant pause in a conversation between us and you. An exercise in digital intimacy. We offer you a soft silence and await your speech.

The Digital Writers’ Festival invites you to fill this stillness with secrets, stories, wishes, regrets, reflections. Share something you haven’t shared with anyone before. Share your most well-worn tale, known widely amongst your loved ones. Simply, share.

So, leave us a sliver of yourself, a trace of your voice, a moment of your time, and see what resonates.

We asked you, our audience, to contribute secrets, stories and memories as anonymous voice recordings. Our wonderful producers from the DWF18 Podcast then transformed these recordings into a final episode to be released after the festival ends.

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