A Portrait of The Artist in Twine

We’ve asked some of our fave comic creators to make interactive self-portraits using Twine, an open-source tool for telling interactive, non-linear stories. Play through a new edition released daily throughout the festival, and look out for the free print editions to be released as part of Homecooked Comics Festival in 2019.

Presented in partnership with Homecooked Comics Festival

Day 1: ‘Access’ by Frank Candiloro

Day 2: ‘All I Can Hope For’ by Hien Pham

Day 3: ‘Maybe One Day I’ll Just Find Out Who I Am’ by Alisha Jade

Day 4: ‘My Hair’ by Zu Dominiak

Day 5: ‘Two of Swords’ by Mira Schlosberg

Launched Tuesday 30 October
Now Live!