Earth, Monstrous Body

The synthesis of “nature” and “technology” becomes ever greater in the 21st century. The earth has wire veins, satellite brains, and billions of human and technological micro-organisms. More and more we navigate virtual as well as actual space. How will we experience places important to us in the future of the cyborg earth? Are our visions of the future world dystopian, or can we also imagine hopeful, even utopian places?

Earth, Monstrous Body is a collaborative literary piece which seeks to map our collective and speculative psychogeography. It invites you to contribute creative visions for the future of the synthesis between nature and technology at places significant to you, or to the globe’s future. Drop a pin at a particular place on the map and contribute your vision. Whether you add one sentence, a poem, a piece of micro-fiction, or a drawing/photograph, together we cyborg micro-organisms can attempt a spatial poetics of the future earth, our monstrous body.

Submissions are now closed.

To add a pin, click the pin icon: ‘Add a marker’. You can drop a pin anywhere and add a piece of writing, attach an image, or embed a video.

Please show respect for your fellow cyborgs by not backspacing their work. Be fruitful and multiply – and have fun!

Launched Tuesday 30 October

Click the link to contribute your vision.